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Positive Living

Whether or not you are living with illness, you can benefit from focusing on the things that keep you well. Certain aspects of lifestyle impact our physical and psychological health. It is within our power to change these for the better once we become aware of what they are. This list of self-assessment questionnaires will help you assess your lifestyle. Bring your result to your GP if you need further help.


1. Do I have a sleep problem?



2. Is work affecting my health and what can I do about it?

Take the PERMA Wellbeing Survey. This is a scientifically based reliable and valid questionnaire. Your results are only shared with you. Discuss with your doctor if you have health concerns following completion.


3. I want to quit smoking.

See HERE for information and support.


4. Is alcohol affecting my health?

Take the Alcohol Self-Assessment Test and discuss with your doctor if you have concerns.

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